2013 It’s a Wrap!

We had a successful 3 days of the festival watching all of our documentary selections, chatting with friends and taking time to think differently about the world around us! We would like to thank all the people that have helped us make this possible especially those that have contributed to our Pozible campaign. Our entire team volunteered their time for this Festival and so being able to receive some funding to help with promotional materials and for our networking party was fantastic! We are so thankful!

A big thank you goes to the entire APERTURE Festival team. WE DID IT GUYS!

Till next time. If you didn’t get a chance to join us this year, keep an eye out for us next time and join a community that loves ethnographic visual imagery and documentaries. For those that did come to APERTURE Festival we hope you had a great a time as we did.

It’s a Wrap!

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The Culture Trip: Australia’s Best Arts and Culture Festivals in Spring 2013

Posted by Andrew Kingsford-Smith

Taking place for the first time this year,Aperture Festival looks to join the list of acclaimed film festivals in Australia’s cultural calendar. Focusing on documentaries about the AsiaPacific region as well as filmmakers from this area, Aperture will engage in new and unique ways with the culture of Australia’s closest neighbours.

Read full article: http://theculturetrip.com/pacific/australia/articles/blessed-by-the-sun-australia-s-best-arts-and-culture-festivals-in-spring-2013/


APERTURE Festival Confirmed International Speakers!

Solomon_IslesIf you haven’t heard yet (which means that you probably are not on our mailing list), the APERTURE Festival has confirmed our international speakers! We are happy to welcome Anouk Ride and Adilah Dolaiano from Sukwadi Media, Solomon Islands. We would also like to welcome Amie Batalibasi and Jennifer Wate.

Our speakers will discuss Islander perspectives in storytelling and how to bring insider stories out to the wider world.

To find out more information about who our speakers are click here.

We look forward to hearing and learning from their expertise!