Radio Australia – Films bring the stories of Solomon Islands to a world audience

Posted by Isabelle Genoux on November 25, 2013

Film-makers from Solomon Islands have been sharing their perspective on storytelling at Aperture, Melbourne’s first Asia Pacific ethnographic documentary film Festival.”

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Australia Network News – Ethnographic Films

Posted by Sajithra Nithi on November 22, 2013

The world’s first ethnographic film festival to focus on the Asia Pacific region, Aperture, has opened in Melbourne.

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Radio Australia – Aperture film festival underway in Melbourne

Posted by Isabelle Genoux on November 21, 2013

Today in Melbourne the inaugural Aperture Festival, the first Asia Pacific International Ethnographic Documentary Festival has launched. The three-day free event aims to promote ethnographic documentary films about the Asia Pacific region and to create avenues for regional filmmakers. Festival Director, Erminia Colucci, a documentary filmmaker herself, hopes the Festival will also pave the way for greater cultural connections between Australia and the Asia Pacific region.”

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The Culture Trip – Aperture Festival 2013: The Best Documentaries Exploring the Asia Pacific Region

Posted by Andrew Kingsford-Smith

Shining a light on both the cultures of the Asia Pacific region and the filmmakers who work in these countries, Aperture Festival is an exciting new ethnographic documentary film festival that will be held in Melbourne from the the 21st to the 23rd of November 2013. We recommend ten outstanding films from the festival’s official selection.

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The Weekly Review – Donvale filmmaker gets a screening at new festival

Posted by Elliot Burns on November 15, 2013

Donvale resident David Fedele is a one-man production team. Inspired by cultural experiences and exploration, his documentaries focus on human rights and environmental issues. “At the moment I fund, produce, direct, film and edit my own films,” Mr Fedele said. “I want to make films that go beyond the stereotype and the cliché, to show the human side of these stories.”

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Meld Magazine – The Student Team Behind APERTURE Festival

Posted by Jessica-Anne Lyons on November 6, 2013

If you’re contemplating moving countries to study or have just arrived and feeling anxious about meeting new people, one of the best ways – as the team behind APERTURE Festival discovered – is to volunteer.

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The Voice – Lens Wide Shut

Posted by Annie Rahilly on November 7, 2013

Ethnographic film festivals are almost non-existent in the Asia-Pacific region, with the exception of events in Taiwan and Vietnam, but a new Festival called APERTURE: Asia Pacific International Ethnographic Documentary Festival, hopes to address this situation.

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