APERTURE Ambassadors

We want to share APERTURE Festival to as wide and as diverse communities as we can and we know to do that we’ll need support from the community itself. So, we created this APERTURE Ambassadors page to harness the support and acknowledge our volunteers who have kindly put their hands up, give their extra time, take the extra measure to help the festival in anyway they can and actively promote APERTURE to their network simply because they are passionate about the festival as we are! It’s all about bringing people from different communities together!

To be an APERTURE Ambassador you don’t need to reside in Melbourne, Australia, because our community goes as far as Asia, the Pacific and beyond. But for those who live in Melbourne and would like to join the team please get in touch!

Allison Tomazin
Anita Barar
Betty Kars
Geetha Raju
Jay Sonn Tay
Jian Li
Michelle O’Toole
Sheilah Farhanah
Tran Nguyen

2013 Festival Volunteers:
David Turner
Dereen Sherwani
Erik Cahyanta
Hilda Permata
Kat Breveglieri
Kevin Smith (Filmonik)
Lawrence Makoona (Filmonik)
Luca Breveglieri
Penny Smallwood
Tina Jensen
William Ray Bourke
Grill’d Melbourne Central team!

Channa Razaque (also Ambassador for Pakistan)
Elizabeth Norsa
Liana Molina
Nithin Kalorth
Shinta Oktania