Exciting New Partnerships!

If you have been following us on facebook and twitter you may already have noticed all the exciting new developments that have been happening! We are happy to announce three new exciting partnerships!

HUB Melbourne Logo

Our first partnership is with HUB Australia. Specifically, HUB Melbourne! If you haven’t heard about the HUB you REALLY need to check them out. The idea behind the HUB is working in a collaborative and supportive workspace that encourages community across sectors, disciplines and generations. We have been able to have many of our APERTURE meetings at the HUB and the working environment is absolutely amazing, inclusive and relaxed. Check them out!

festival film dokumenter yogyakarta_logo

Our second exciting new partnerships is with our first affiliated festival in Asia – Festival Film Dokumenter (FFD Yogyakarta)! Please check out their organiser’s facebook.

Their call for entries is open now from July 15th- October 10th! This is for Indonesian filmmakers only. Stay tuned for their international open submissions.

Our final new partnership announcement is with the Multicultural Women in the Arts (MWA). MWA supports all women engaged in the arts at any level and from any background. Check out their facebook page here.
MWA logo small

 With 3 months left to the actual festival (November 22-23 2013) we are working hard at organising the actual logistics for the event. We have also decided to extend the deadline for submission to August 26th in order to accommodate all the amazing submissions that keep coming in! The selection panelist has already begun to review all current submissions and we can’t wait to reveal which ones will be showcased during the festival! For more information about how to submit your pieces please view our submission information page!