APERTURE Team 2013

APERTURE High five

We did it!!!

Festival Director:
Erminia Colucci (Centre for International Mental Health (CIMH), The University of Melbourne)

Festival Coordinator:
Nadia Astari

Festival Board:
Thomas Reuter (Asia Institute)
Ramila Chanisheff (Asia Institute)
Alice Baroni

Selection Team:
Erminia Colucci (CIMH)
Thomas Reuter (Asia Institute)
Sarah Pink (RMIT University)
Jenny Weight (RMIT University)
Nadia Astari
Jette Achleitner
Christopher Basile (Asia Institute)

Social Media Coordinator:
Christina Gemma Ting (CIMH)

PR & Marketing Coordinators:
Natalie Kunz
Dom Diocera (CIMH)

Event Manager:
Jette Achleitner

VIP Coordinator:
Alice Baroni

Communication Manager:
Michelle Zhao (CIMH)

Publications Manager:
Leeanne Torpey

Graphic Designers:
Judy Brandt
Andrea Grigolli – http://cargocollective.com/grigo

Web Design:
Nadia Astari

Special thanks to:
Christopher Basile (research)
Regina Lam (booklet editing)
Seshanka Samarajiwa (photographer) – http://www.snappatronik.com
APERTURE Ambassadors & Festival Volunteers!


Erminia Colucci’s fascination with cultures began during her undergraduate studies in Italy, continuing through her Postgraduate studies and fieldwork in Australia, Italy, U.K., India, Philippines and Japan. She uses photography and film-documentary to visually (re)present and share what she explores in her writing as a scholar in Cultural/Global mental health (The University of Melbourne). Her films and photos have been shown in Italy, Australia, Uruguay, Greece, Canada, U.K. and The Netherlands. Erminia is currently working on a photo/film-documentary project on human rights violations among the mentally ill in Indonesia, a collaboration with the Granada Centre of Visual Anthropology (University of Manchester, UK).
Links: http://pgh.unimelb.edu.au/about/contact/allstaff/colucci_erminia



Nadia Astari originally from Indonesia, has previously worked for national and international documentary productions for about 6 years in Ubud, Bali, before moving to Melbourne, Australia. Currently, she’s working as a freelance filmmaker based in the most awesome coworking space, Hub Melbourne. She has always loved being behind the camera and now she’s enjoying her new role behind the scene of APERTURE Festival. LinkedIn




Christina Gemma Ting is from Toronto, Canada and currently works at the Centre for International Mental Health as a Research Assistant. She moved to Melbourne to pursue her Masters in Public Health and to drink really good coffee. She loves documentaries and loves social media even more. What better way than to combine these than by working for APERTURE Festival as social media coordinator. Christina also likes chocolate, puppies and stationary. If you have any of these to offer her, please say hi to her on the APERTURE Facebook, Twitter or take a look at the Blog to see what is happening with the APERTURE Team and Festival.



Natalie Kunz is originally from Switzerland but grew up in Singapore. She lived there for twelve years before moving to Melbourne to start her Media & Communications degree at the University of Melbourne. Her interest in Asia Pacific cultures and passion for public relations has made the APERTURE experience one of a kind. LinkedIn





Dom Diocera, who’s originally from the Philippines, is currently studying a Master of Public Health at the University of Melbourne. He works as a nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and as a research assistant at the Australian Health Workforce Institute. He’s interested in migration, health workforce, and qualitative research methods.





Jette Achleitner is a German filmmaker who was production managing the award winning Documentary “24hours Berlin” as well as several German productions throughout Europe. Jette was involved in Australien and German feature films and worked for German culture and entertainment tv shows. Jette has moved from Berlin to Melbourne in June 2013. LinkedIn





Michelle Zhao, a China-born Chinese, who obtained her Master degree in epidemiology at University of Melbourne. Currently she’s working as a research assistant at the Centre for International Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. Michelle’s comment on her role with APERTURE Festival, “I’m usually lazy to reply emails, but I’m the Communication Manager, so…… email me! I’ll do my best to respond quickly ;)”




Do you love a good chat? When it comes to participating in a conversation, Leeanne Torpey is all about it – and her philosophy is everybody has something to say. She spent two years volunteering in Tonga, in the South Pacific. Currently Leeanne’s day job is as the communications and campaign coordinator for the International Detention Coalition, which advocates for the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. In her free time she is one of the founding members of Filmonik, an open-mic short film night in Melbourne, part of the global Kino network.




Judy Brandt believes the best Graphic Design communicates a targeted and dynamic message for her clients. She helps businesses find their best qualities, and express them visually for success. A native New Yorker, she loves to apply her big-apple experience to the Melbourne business and cultural world. She is excited about how films express creativity and emotion, which apply to all nationalities.
Judy Brandt Designhttp://www.judybrandt.com/




Alice Baroni is a Psychologist looking for her place in the world. Her curiosity and desire for adventure brought her in Australia 3 years ago. She is passionate about cross-cultural mental health and art based methodologies and carried few projects in Australia and Italy using theatre for research purposes and well being promotion. She collaborates with the Centre for International Mental Health and as counsellor with migrants and asylum seekers. Alice loves to travel and open her mind and eyes to different ways of living life.